Hello. I’m Erin.

I’m a pop culture fanatic who finds discussing the themes and impact of media is fun. When people got tired of me talking their ears off about the new movie or television show I watched, I became a writer specializing in pop culture analysis. My work has been published on Little White Lies, Fangoria, Roger Ebert, Dread Central, /Film, Consequence, and Collider, among others.

Among my published work are reviews from film festivals such as Tribeca Film Festival and SXSW, having been selected for Sundance Film Festival’s Press Inclusion Initiative and Toronto International Film Festival’s Media Inclusion Initiative in 2021. I also have extensive experience writing more general news stories, having participated in a fellowship with Newsweek post-graduation.

Currently, I serve as an assistant editor for Talk Film Society, as well as a staff writer, website archivist, and zine editor for Film Cred. I’m always looking for new opportunities and people to talk to, so send me a shout at inquiries@erinmbrady.com or any of the social media links above!